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Pols Potten has been offering creative solutions for every room for over 25 years. Whether you're furnishing a display window, a hotel or your own home, Pols Potten always has an appropriate design object for you. The designs are subtle, innovative and unconventional, with clear roots in Dutch design tradition.

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Folding Round Nickel

The adjustable Folding Round Nickel candleholder from Pols Potten is made from nickel-plated aluminium. Its silver colour and height difference make it an eye-catching item with a great decorative value. The combination of round and sloping shapes make this candleholder a great fit in any interior. The candleholder is designed in-house at studio PP.


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Folfing Round Nickel candlestick

The Folding Round Nickel candleholders are suitable for 6 standard-sized candles (22 mm Ø). The neutral silver colour makes it just as well-suited to black and white candles (or a combination of both), or candles in bright colours. The Folding Nickel Square candlestick's varying heights throw dancing candlelight onto a wide area of the wall.  On top of that, you can arrange the candleholder according to your own taste. Perfect for a corner where your artificial lighting doesn't reach. 

Decodartive candlestick

Candles provide a soft and warm light. In addition to their atmospheric lighting, they also have strong decorative value. Even when they're not lit, candle holders and candlesticks can play a big role in the look of an interior. With the Folding Round Nickel candlestick from Pols Potten, you immediately bring a whole new atmosphere to your living room. This addition creates an extremely homely feel and also helps your guests to feel at home in your house. 


Candles have not been the main source of light since the invention of the lamp in 1879, but they've never lost their popularity, thanks to the atmosphere they create. They have always been symbols of celebration and ceremony. Above all, for many people, candles bring a little rest and relaxation from today's hectic pace. The Pols Potten designers understand what candlesticks and candlelight mean to an interior, and to people. So they have designed a collection of unusual candleholders and candlesticks, such as the Folding Round Nickel candleholder. Have a look around our webshop and discover the other unique designs from Pols Potten!

Product specifications
Brand : Pols Potten
Designer : Studio PP
Color : Nickel
Material : Nickel plated aluminium
Dimensions  : 48 x 15 x 4 cm (l x h x d)
Weight : 0,8 kg
Shipping Service
  • Bezorging in Nederland, Duitsland en België
  • Vast pakket tarief € 4,95
  • Envelop (busstuk) € 1,95
  • Besteld voor 21:00 u volgende werkdag bezorgd in Nederland
  • Besteld voor 21.00 u de daarop volgende werkdag bezorgd in Duitsland en België
  • Internationale Bezorging
  • Tarief afhankelijk van gewicht en bestemming
  • De bezorgkosten voor jouw bestelling zie je altijd in je besteloverzicht, voordat je betaalt
  • Bezorging afhankelijk van bestemming in 2 tot 7 dagen
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