Sale: up to 60% off

Sale: up to 60% off

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Attractive Dutch designer sales and offers

There are absolutely no plans to become a sales website. This is not something our product range is suited to and the designer with whom we work doesn't think this is a good idea. But we definitely have sales and offers from time to time. Sometimes to introduce new customers, for special occasions, or to put a product in the spotlight. Regularly as something extra, sometimes as a discount or multibuy offer. We don´t put outdated designs or old products on sale, but actual current designs– But from famous and lesser-known designers and brands.


Small amounts, so gone = gone

The products we purchase for sales and offers are usually available in limited amounts, so once a product is no longer

in stock it's actually no longer available. We handle orders in the order in which way receive them.


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Nothing but beautiful designs from the Netherlands

Holland Design & Gifts hosts a range of products by more than 100 Dutch designers and labels, including Droog Design, Functionals, Gispen, and Goods. Sometimes even designed for labels from abroad such as Hay and Alessi.