For a warm Christmas!

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Christmas atmosphere and attention to each other

December: early dark, at home it is nice and warm and cozy with the atmospheric glow of candles. The atmosphere in which we celebrate Christmas. Away from the daily hectic and with attention to each other. Spending time with and with each other, space for better conversations, and better dining. Extra attention to the decoration, because it also contributes to the experience and the atmosphere.


Original Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations, candlesticks, and candles that add to the atmosphere at home, designed by Dutch designers with a touch of Dutch. That is the common thread of the Christmas range of Holland Design & gifts. This varies from sustainable cardboard Christmas trees and angels for the Christmas tree to window stickers with Christmas decorations, Drip candlesticks, and table lamp candles made

from candle remnants from Dutch churches. All items contribute to the atmosphere at home towards the end of the year.


Christmas decorations from different designers

Various Dutch designers and brands have from a few to a collection of Christmas decorations, candles, and candlesticks from which Holland Design & Gifts has put together a varied assortment. Here you will find items from, among others, Anna Nera, Atelier OZO, Carmela Bogman, Heinen, Pols Potten, Royal Delft, and Suseela Gorter.


All designs by Dutch designers

Holland Design & Gifts houses a range of more than 100 Dutch designers. They design under their own name or for well-known Dutch labels like Droog Design, Functionals, Gispen, and Goods, and sometimes for foreign brands such as Hay and Alessi.