Orange red white & blue

Orange red white & blue

Dutch pride

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Orange, red, white, blue

The distinctive colours of the Dutch flag and the Dutch Royal Family are represented in a number of home accessories in the collection of Holland Design & Gifts. From small gadgets costing no more than € 10 to decorative items and large gifts of € 100.


Orange home accessories: from vases to birdhouses

The beautiful vase and Holland box by Royal Goedewaagen (with the recognizable silhouette of the Netherlands), the orange Lazy lamp by Goods, the birdhouse with orange roof by Marcel Wanders, all these home accessories give your home a fresh and Dutch orange twist. More subtle orange details can be found in the hands of the orange clock of the LEFF Felt clock, the concrete Moak and Concreto clocks by Studio PS and Puik.


Playful orange details: from orange lunchboxes to orange atmospheric lighting

Looking for playful orange details? Then you've come to the right address! Why not take a look at the orange Invotis

Sandwich lunchbox (shaped like a sandwich!), the orange Dopper bottle, the orange Mood flame tealight holder, the Flat Flowers window sticker with orange tulips or the Alessi watches with orange straps (designed by Marcel Wanders).


Orange, red, white, blue tableware, vases and bowls

Both Hollandsche Waaren and Royal Goedewaagen design tableware, vases and bowls with the typical Dutch colours of red, white and blue (the Dutch flag colours). In the Dutch blue series, you will find cups, plates and bowls with rims in all 4 colours (including orange). The outside of the Holland Vase and Holland Box is white, but their inside is orange, red, white or blue - all beautifully decorated.


Canal house candles and Dombo cups in red, white and blue

Red, white, blue are the colours of the typical Dutch canal house candles by Atelier Ozo, the toy Bottle Boats by Floris Evers and the Dombo cups by Gispen are all available in red, white and blue.