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Dutch design games and toys

Not a large assortment but it is certainly not everyday. Games and toys devised by Dutch designers or with characteristic Dutch subjects or works of art as a theme. That is the common thread of what you will find here.


Special toys

Foooty the foldable football is a Dutch idea and product. A football made of 10 identical plastic segments that you can assemble into a football (or other shape) in no time at all. And Rockeees, the balancing game with the stacking blocks made from old refrigerators.


Memory games with masterpieces

You can make the most beautiful memory games from famous paintings. Just look at Memory Old Masters and Memory Masterpieces by Rembrandt. Piet Design has designed a very original memory game from Old Dutch tiles, the tiles of which you can also use as coasters.


Wooden toys

From the Happy series of Usuals you will find here the Happy Tractor, the Happy Car and the Happy Horse on wheels. All made of pruned wood.