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A Beautiful Story

The Dutch Cathelijne Lania is the founder of the jewelry line A Beautiful Story. 'A Beautiful Story' jewelry is a unique piece of jewelry that makes the world a little nicer. The jewelry is made by silversmiths from Nepal and the more orders, the more work there is for the people in Nepal.
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"A true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and be unique" Alberto Alessi
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Amsterdam Bracelet

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Anna Nera

Anna Nera is a cool Fairtrade lifestyle brand founded in 2019. An initiative by Claudia Stefanutto, inspired by a woman who, like her, likes to wear black and loves design. The collection includes own design homestyle accessories, ceramics, fashion accessories, bags, and jewelry. All Fairtrade and produced by hand in Nepal and Bangladesh.
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No mayflies, but beautiful, functional products with a timeless design, with a lasting demand and selective distribution.
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Atelier OZO

Eric Wijffelaars founded Atelier OZO in 1995. The design studio specializes in the design and manual production of home accessories and furniture, with the aim to create something that is both straightforward and practical.
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ATMK stands for At the Table with Karin, the driving force behind the company. She directs both design and production. Although wood working is the origin, ATMK is increasingly making Finest cutting and serving boards from pressed recycled paper and wood fiber.


Stijlvol 3D geprinte sieraden sinds 2014 van Atomixz vind je bij Nederlandse musea en Holland Design & Gifts
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Barentsz Urban Fabric

Miriam Hagoort and Marjolein Peters share a passion for the beauty of the city and graphic structures. These scarves with city plans and patterns are the result!
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The Barrel-tea brand is a young brand (2023) where the brand also stands for the product concept: A hot drink that you brew just like tea, but from shreds of used whisky, bourbon, cognac, and rum barrels. Barrel tea is an initiative of wood specialist Henri Koekkoek.
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BIEN moves

BIEN moves wants to move people by creating valuable things and thoughts inspired by nature and creative minds from art and history. Founder Sabien Duetz gives direction to BIEN moves, which offers a range of bags, cases and stationery with elements from works of art by Boontje, d'Hondecoeter, De Heem, Monet, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh and more.
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Bis Publishers

As a publishing company, BIS publishers are constantly looking for new techniques, methods, and visions that stimulate creativity in its broadest form.
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Blond Amsterdam

In 2001, Femque van Geffen and Janneke Dröge started painting crockery in a small studio in Amsterdam under the name Blond. Their shared passion for fun and colorful tableware grew into a vibrant, varied, and famous product range.
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Boska has been passionate about cheese for over a century! This passion is something the family wishes to share. Since day one it has been their tradition to inspire every cheese lover with their many cheese-related products.
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Bredemeijer Group

For over a hundred years, Bredemeijers has been manufacturing high-quality coffee and tea sets for the true connoisseur. Especially the world-famous double teapot by Bredemeijer is renowned among tea lovers.
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Brût Homeware

Brût Homeware from Amsterdam offers a sturdy yet elegant range of living, kitchen, and office accessories. Design inspired by Art Deco and the Amsterdam School, from sustainable raw materials, produced in India and Bosnia.
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Brutus Kookt!

A young brand with cheerful gadgets for the kitchen. This young brand focuses on handy kitchen gadgets that make us happy. It makes your daily tasks just a little more exciting, handy, and above all more fun.
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Buro Bruno

Buro Bruno is Bruno van Hooijdonk's design studio. After his studies, he founded his own design studio Buro Bruno in 1998. Bruno is a versatile designer of large and small (decorative) objects, tables, coat hooks, lighting, candlesticks, vases, and jewelry.
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Hendrik' tempts you with designs by artists such as Bosch, van Gogh, and Mulders. Hendrik' is named after Duke Hendrik, the founder of 's-Hertogenbosch. Wanda van Riet has produced an exclusive collection of designer products.


Innovative home accessories for a comfortable living and working environment. From quality coat racks to intelligent side tables, designed for Cascando by international designers.
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Clic by Suzanne

The designs from Clic by Suzanne are characterized by a timeless look with strong forms. Clic by Suzanne has 2 jewelry collections; the aluminum collection with a magnetic closure that is integrated subtly into the geometric design and the golden silvers collection that has more organic forms. The jewelry is designed with passion and attention to detail and handcrafted in the Netherlands.
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Cor Unum

These designer vases and bowls of renowned designers and artists are expertly prepared in the Cor Unum studio by talent from the labor market.
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Creative Lab Amsterdam

Creative Lab Amsterdam offers an extensive collection of wallpaper, notebooks, and greeting cards with their own signature. Its characteristics are original designs, elegant prints, powerful colors, and creative printing techniques.
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Cre8: Cre-eight or Create! Cre8 is an urban fabrication. 3D and laser!
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Danielle Origami Lampen

In her Studio in Arnhem Daniëlle Verbeeten designs and manufactures origami lamps. All these lamps have hand-folded paper caps, the characteristic of the label Danielle Origami Lamps.
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David Derksen Design

Intrigued by the forces of nature, Derksen designs products that reflect the beauty of its materials and production method. Playful and bold at the same time!
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Dinelight Amsterdam

Dine by cool or romantic candlelight. Both can be with the 'DineLight candlestick because it can be used on both sides'. A 'bright light' from André Sjouerman. Suitable for both tea lights and gracefully long candles.
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After seeing a documentary about the huge amount of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans, Nick Everaarts came up with a sustainable and socially conscious alternative to disposable plastic bottles.
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Döpp Jewelry

Döpp Sieraden is the label of goldsmith Yolanda Döpp. For more than fifteen years, she has been designing and creating the most beautiful silver and gold jewelry in her studio in Amsterdam.
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Droog Design

The renowned design foundation Droog is a national and international leader in luxury Dutch design. Droog is known for its conceptual and contextual approach to designs with a sober, Dutch approach.
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Dutch Design Brand

Designer Tim Vardy is the founder of Dutch Design Brand. The brand is known for the Dutch Design Chair and aims to create affordable and practical designer products in a sustainable way.
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Dutch Duo Design

Titia Regterschot is the designer behind Dutch Duo Design, which offers a range of home accessories, all of which have a specific basic shape with which Titia builds; stacking, stringing, and switching into an object with a useful function.
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Fairtrade Original

This Dutch brand for gifts and home accessories made in developing countries seeks to help both disadvantaged producers and customers that want to buy fair trade products.
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Decorate your windows with these wonderful stickers! Ideal for someone who can't even keep a home cactus alive!

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Flying Focus

Flying Focus has specialized in maritime aerial photography for over 35 years. Founder Hermann IJsseling carries out many photo flights as a photographer and also processes most of the photos himself in the digital studio. Flying Focus also publishes photo books and calendars in-house.
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Foooty; the ball that fits every pocket
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Frame Publishers

From cosmopolitan Amsterdam, Frame Publishers publishes books and high-end magazines aimed at an international creative audience.
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Creating beautiful, functional, and timeless designs: is the vision and mission of Design Bureau Functionals, to which leading designers such as Roderick and Claire Vos, Chris Slutter, and Kranen/Gille are connected.
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Gispen Home collection

Core values: Design, Sustainability, Innovation, and Inspiration. Result: Designs that contribute to environments in which people come into their own.
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Art Object, practical home accessory, or special gift? 'Goods' has it all. Their Dutch designs - famous or novel - can be found in homes as well as museums!
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Problem solvers with bold creativity resulting in diverse designs in products, architecture, and other objects around the world. Founded in Seattle in 2007, since 2012 a studio in Amsterdam where Dutch designers design Graypants products.
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Handed By

Handed By is the leading brand in woven baskets, bags and home accessories made from recycled plastic and bamboo. Handed By has a design studio and office in IJsselstein and production by local craftswomen in Vietnam. DESIGNED for you, HANDMADE for you, RECYCLED for you, FAIR MADE for you.
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Happy Whatever

Kaarten en groeten gaan vaak de hele wereld over. En met zo'n bijzondere wenskaart als deze 'Happy Hugs' van Happy Whatever blijft het niet alleen bij een groet.
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Heinen Delfts Blauw

It begins at the end of the seventies when Jaap Heinen who draws and paints in Japanese and Chinese Imari style, starts to paint also in the Delft blue style.
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Heroes on Socks

According to Heroes on Socks, a young sock label from Amsterdam, socks are an essential part of a solid outfit. Heroes on Socks combines innovative designs and materials made according to Italian traditions with a modern and edgy look.
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Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis

The unique shapes and silhouettes of Amsterdam are the direct source of inspiration for the soap creations of Het Amsterdamse Zeephuis. Colors, textures, and scents add an extra layer to the signature canal houses, creating attractive bars of soap, all handmade in Amsterdam. An initiative of Piotr Gierek, a Polish architect who has lived and worked in Amsterdam since 2013.
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Het Lichtlab

"The right light makes everything special" It is in this spirit that The Lichtlab creates its lamp collection. In the lab in the Netherlands, The Lichtlab designs and produces lighting, in its very own way using retro materials, but also the newest 3D printing techniques.
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Holland Design&Gifts

Woonaccessoires, mode accessoires en sieraden, voor jezelf of als cadeau. Typisch Nederlands: Je vindt het bij Holland Design & Gifts, jouw webshop voor Dutch design, accessoires en een origineel cadeau.
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Hollands Licht

No-nonsense design, simple, minimalist, and, above all else, functional. That's how the lights of Hollands Licht, designed by some very famous Dutch designers, can be described.

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Hollandsche Waaren

Hollandsche Waaren plays with traditional Dutch characteristics and symbols. All products in the series by designer Anne-Marie Jetten include a recognizable element with a contemporary twist.
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Houtje Touwtje

Houtje Touwtje Is the name of the creative enterprise of Loes ter Haar and Rogier Scheinck. She knots, he saws. In their studio in Zwolle, they make various textile do-it-yourself packages, feeders, picnic tables for squirrels, and homemade candles.
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An innovative global brand that creates sustainable products and creative DIY solutions with a unique story. Founders Gieke and Lotte are always looking for the right balance between people, products, and space with passion and dedication. The key is a continuous search for innovative, unorthodox materials and techniques, enlarging the detail to the simplified, elegant essence of design.
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Humble makes portable and energy-efficient mood lighting with a friendly character. Humble, warm wireless lighting since 2019.
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The Huygens clock brand takes its name from Christiaan Huygens, the inventor of the pendulum clock. It is a brand of the Amsterdam company Van Mokum, which designs and develops beautiful and unique products from its studio in Amsterdam.
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ignore is an Amsterdam design studio, founded by Julien van Hassel. Ignore develops furniture and interior accessories with a minimalist character.
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Imperfect Design

Imperfect Design is a young Dutch brand. Leading Dutch designers have been designing lifestyle products for this label since 2011. All products are made by hand, making each item unique.
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Invotis is the name behind a series of unique home accessories, gadgets, and gifts. It is an exclusive brand with a humorous and useful range of products that manage to surprise while being of excellent quality.
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IXXI design

A flexible wall system, made up of printed square cards, is designed to be attached using torque crosses. This is how IXXI makes art available to a wide audience.
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Joy de la Luz

The Dutch jewelry brand Joy de la Luz was founded three years ago by artist Loes Molhuizen. The wide range of leather straps and silver charms allow you to create your own Joy de la Luz bracelet.
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Artisan handmade bags, wallets, and purses made of genuine leather and always with a playful detail: that's a Keecie!
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Keshi Studio

Unique handmade jewelry. Made of Japanese glass seed beads. These are super small beads that are dyed through and through and therefore retain their color. The nylon thread used is sturdy, but gossamer fine, so that the earrings fall smoothly and the strings dance.
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Kitsch Kitchen

Kitsch Kitchen is a famous Dutch brand that has great products for your kitchen and living room. The colourful items of Kitsch Kitchen always stand out because of their playful prints.
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Knits For Your Inspiration

An Amsterdam-based design studio specializing in knitted designs. Founded by Simone van Eerdenburg with beautiful materials, exciting combinations of materials, and an unconventional application of the knitting technique as a trademark.
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Dutch-designed wine and champagne coolers. They look like 'wine Uggs'!


"A Portable Lamp like no other, with one charge you can take Lucis anywhere and set the mood with 8 to 80 Hours of continuous lighting.”
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The LEDR workshop is located in Breda. There they make the Wood Lights. Lamp, stool, side table in one made of tree stumps that LEDR gives a second life, to prevent the disposal of these unique pieces of wood.

Leff Amsterdam

Today, nobody really needs clocks anymore. That's why the clocks by LEFF Amsterdam focus more on telling a story than telling the time.
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Eenvoud,functionaliteit en contrasten zijn kernmerken van het Nederlandse merk LH58.
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The candle that doesn't get smaller
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Maandag meubels

Maandag Meubels is a cool brand for cozy outdoor products. The products are made from materials that can withstand a little rain or a rough handling.
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Maison Cocon

Maison Cocon designs and produces attractive and affordable home decoration. With an eye for detail, Robert and Rick Peters (father and son) have built up an unique range of wall decorations, geometric animals, skylines, flower vases and lamps in just a few years. With its own machine park of laser cutters and milling machines, Maison Cocon makes the most special shapes.
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Metalbird is the brand name of metal birds. The brand thereby accurately reflects what it is: a bird silhouette of cut Corten steel metal. This bird decoration is handmade, packaged in a beautiful box that can easily fit through the mailbox and is simply mounted with a tap of a hammer.
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Mo man tai

A combination of ancient traditions and modern production is what characterises the timeless design of Mo Man Tai products.

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Mr Maria

The Amsterdam design studio Mr Maria (since 2006), is best known for the Miffy lamp. In addition to Miffy, Mr Maria's collection consists of several iconic figures such as Sniffy, Boris, Nanuk, Kokeshi, and Anana.
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Nai010 Publishers

Nai010 Publishers specializes in publishing books in the fields of architecture, urban design, photography, art and general design. Founded in July 2012 through the merger of NAI Publishers and 010 Publishers,
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New Duivendrecht

Design studio and manufacturer of modern furniture "New Duivendrecht, founded by designers Frederik Roijé and Victor Le Noble. New Duivendrecht provides a platform for young design talent to introduce innovative, sustainable products that are accessible to a wide audience.
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Niko Niko

A small brand with a collection of original gift items, handmade from recycled paper. Niko Niko means 'say cheese' in Japanese.
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Since 2010, this company has been decorating many walls with its designer wallpaper. Each roll is unique, such that no patterns are visible in the wallpaper.



Een krachtig staaltje Dutch design en ambachtswerk. Ware juweeltjes!
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Noordhoff Publishers

Noordhoff specializes in science books and textbooks. Famous for the primer titled Aap-Noot-Mies, the schoolbooks Ot and Sien, and their unparalleled world atlases.
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This studio designs unique and practical products. From handy gadgets such as a wooden USB stick to smart cheese boards.

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ON socks

ON socks: 2 feet, 5 socks, 10 possibilities to wear a unique pair of socks. Always beautiful, slightly different and you never miss out! Dare to wear different. That is the philosophy of ON socks founders Reinier, Lodewijk and Matthijs.
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Pako from Weesp specializes in the production of handicraft items that you can find all over the world. The company has all steps of the design and production of handicraft kits in-house and has a large collection of its own designs.
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With the Packlamp, designer Jaap Elzas has designed a lamp in which the packaging turns into a lamp by inverting it, thus minimizing waste. Jaap Elzas, based in the heart of Amsterdam, has forty years of experience in the field of product development, exhibition designs, and special signage projects.
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Piet Design

Piet Design makes historically responsible, buildable products that link to Dutch cultural history. With an underlying goal, as Piet (Elisabeth Rijkels-Visser) says: historical awareness cannot be imposed, but it can grow slowly. I hope that people enjoy my designs and that they contribute to understanding our civilization.
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Our Dutch culture is rich when it comes to poetry. An excellent reason for Plint to introduce a larger audience to poetry and visual arts, making their days all the more fun.
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Pols Potten

Pols Potten has been offering creative solutions for every room for over 25 years. Whether you're furnishing a display window, a hotel or your own home, Pols Potten always has an appropriate design object for you. The designs are subtle, innovative and unconventional, with clear roots in Dutch design tradition.
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Present Time (Pt,)

Looking for fun gadgets for your home that are always on-trend? Don't miss these Present Time products!
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Since 1985, DUO Design has been the brand label of Emiel Vaessen and Gert Jan Vogel. In addition to the design, development, and production of their own products, they also sell products from other international designers.
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Puik Art

A company that, together with young talented designers, creates both products under its own label and for other organizations. Puik means 'top quality' in Dutch, 'The best of something'.
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The Rijksmuseum aims to connect people, art and history. Hence the surprising collection of useful utensils and accessories with prints or excerpts from old Dutch masterpieces. Making art a little more accessible!
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Riverstones is an Amsterdam jewelry brand that brings together Dutch design and craftsmanship of Balinese silversmiths. The ambitious, busy woman is their source of inspiration. The jewelry from Riverstones is meant to inspire women to be powerful by being both strong and soft.
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Each chopping board is made from trees that are cut down in the context of local forest maintenance.
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ROCKEEES are produced in a fully circular manner from discarded refrigerators.
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Rowold is truly "made in Amsterdam". No-nonsense design; practical yet elegant. Designer Ellis Rowold has a deep connection with felt and leather, resulting in a stylish line of products made of natural materials.
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Royal Delft

Royal Delft is the brand associated with Holland's most recognisable product: Delftware. The company has a rich history with its origins in 1653, when the pottery workshop 'De Porceleyne Fles' was founded.
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Royal Goedewaagen

Royal Goedewaagen is a typical Dutch earthenware manufacturer that has been making unique handmade ceramic products for over 400 years. This passion for ceramics is reflected in the most beautiful figurines, vases, plates and bowls.
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Royal VKB

A major manufacturer of cooking and kitchen accessories. Their innovative product range is perfectly suited to the changing needs of life, food and its preparation.
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Sandmarks is a concept by Studio Joost Gijzel from Utrecht. Originated in the sandbox, developed for production with a 3D printer, made of bio plastic. Fun and educational.
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Scriptum Publishers

Founded in 1985 as an independent publishing house. Scriptum publishes books in the fields of management, economics, psychology, philosophy, lifestyle, history, language, art and cooking.
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SEM design

Sylvie van de Loo started in 2005 with her own design studio SEMdesign and specialized in the design of everyday interior products with a touch of humor.
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The Secrid card protectors and wallets that you can buy in more than 70 countries originate in The Hague, where René van Geer and Marianne van Sasse van Ysselt developed the Secrid concept.
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Cleverly designed, storm resistant umbrellas? You must have Senz umbrellas in mind!

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Silhouet Lighting

Silhouet, short for Silhouet Lighting, is a Dutch label of local and handcrafted lighting in subtle uncomplicated designs, genuine fabrics & colors creating atmospheric light. Silhouet is created and developed by Jeroen Oeloff, over a period of time, finding its start in 2012 – 2013.
More Silhouet Lighting

Smaak Amsterdam

An Amsterdam label with only one goal: making the most beautiful bags in Amsterdam and far beyond! Smaak was founded in 2010 by Andre Grundmann and has grown into a mature brand with outlets throughout Europe.
More Smaak Amsterdam

Snellies Waskit

Snellies Waskit from Utrecht specializes in handmade candles candles of special towers and objects. First the Dom Tower candle, conceived and designed by Ruud Snel, followed by the Brandaris and the Amsterdammertje by Mandy and Manon Snel.
More Snellies Waskit


The jewellery and home accessories from Soonsalon are not only intended to make daily life comfortable and beautiful. There's a funny ingredient in every design, with which they give a happy note to life. And they always give rise to a great conversation.
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STOOK jewelry

The STOOK collection consists of porcelain jewelry, designed by Mianne de Vries. She not only wants to make beautiful and useful products but to add something extra that breaks habits, stimulates the senses, and allows people to connect with the things they use.
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Studio Admiraal Design

The Amsterdam based design studio Admiraal was established in 2002 and is housed in the NDSM Art City. Owner Robert Admiral drew inspiration from the Amsterdam canals in creating various products.
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Studio Carmela Bogman

Studio Carmela Bogman designs objects for public space and products in and around the house. Designer Carmela Bogman (Design Academy Eindhoven) wants to make people aware of the natural beauty around them with simple and honest products.
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Studio Ditte

Marieke Dirks, Natasha Heesbeen and Endry van Zwam met as students at the Academy of Art in The Hague. In 2005, they started a design studio in Breda named Studio Ditte.
More Studio Ditte

Studio Divers

Studio Divers designs, inspires and innovates. Founder Margriet Foolen designs smart and functional products with a fascination for functionality, materials and production methods. For her own collection and for brands such as Droog Design, Serax, PT, Zuiver and Zuperzozial.
More Studio Divers

Studio Jasper

The young creative entrepreneur Jasper van der Hoeven founded the dynamic and independent studio Jasper in 2012. His minimalist, idiosyncratic style leads to surprising wooden designer items.
More Studio Jasper

Studio PS

Peter van de Merwe and Sanne Sailor are the brains behind PS Studio. Curiosity, craftsmanship, functionality and tactility are the motivation behind Studio PS designs.
More Studio PS

Sweatshop Deluxe

Sweatshop Deluxe offers young talented Dutch designers a chance to produce and sell their designs. The young Sweatshop Deluxe team places the Netherlands on the map by using as many sustainable and recyclable materials as possible.
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Tante Bella & Tante Jo

The apron label of Maan and Suus Ketterings. Inspired by and named after the aunts tante Bella and tante Jo, sisters of their grandmother. Always busy at home and in their own vegetable garden, dressed in colorful aprons. Their quality of life, that imperturbable adherence to what is good, has inspired Maan and Suus to create a collection of contemporary aprons.
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The Upcycle

The Upcycle designs make and sell sustainable products from waste, thus contributing to a circular society.
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Toepas Creaties

How appropriate! Toepas Creations 'applicate creations' are literally creative applications of recycled materials.
More Toepas Creaties

Turina Jewellery

The use of unconventional materials leads to jewelry that not only adorns but also stimulates and fascinates. From 2010, this young Amsterdam label has been conquering European hotspots step by step.
More Turina Jewellery

Tweek Twin Sisters Eek

Tweek is the label of Roos and Geertje Eek. They make jewelry with large factory machines in high-tech and the furniture industry that are actually not suitable for making jewelry. The result is quite sturdy jewelry that really stands out.
More Tweek Twin Sisters Eek


TWO-O embraces modern craftsmanship and creates interiors and products of wood and metal in an authentic way. Everything comes together in sustainable design. Pure craftsmanship, passion and beauty. In this way TWO-O shows that quality always wins over quantity.
More TWO-O

Uitgeverij TerraLannoo

Exclusive books on art, photography, interior design, outdoors, design, fashion, and gastronomy: TerraLanno has what you're looking for.
More Uitgeverij TerraLannoo


Usuals is the consumer label of Van Eijk and Van der Lubbe. With this label, the creative duo creates interesting and novel (interior) products.
More Usuals

Van Tjalle & Jasper

Van Tjalle & Jasper is the company of two young, talented Dutch furniture designers. With their knowledge and experience they create unique wooden interior items.
More Van Tjalle & Jasper


Vij5 is the brand under which publishers of design products Arjan van Raadshoven and Anieke Branderhorst publish a collection of interior accessories, lighting and furniture. The foundation of Vij5 is the design of beautiful and functional products for the interior. The Vij5 collection pays tribute to the craft of the product designers with whom Vij5 works.
More Vij5


Vondels is the brand for original Christmas decorations. From Christmas champaign bottle to strawberry and from stiletto heel to miffy. Loesje and Yan's label brings it all. Dutch concept, mouth-blown in China, available in stores in more than 40 countries.
More Vondels

WBOOKS Publisher

The largest publisher of history, lifestyle and art books in the Netherlands. For many publications, they collaborate with Dutch museums and cultural institutions.
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Weltevree is a Dutch design brand that produces contemporary sustainable products that aim to activate you and your environment. Weltevree develops these together with the best designers and inventors, both established names and emerging talent.
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The name under which Amsterdam design duo Diederik Dam and Timo Keultjes work together. The common thread of their designs is the combination of fun and innovation and according to them really in that order. With own designs and products by other designers who create on invitation for Werkwaardig.
More Werkwaardig

Westerman Bags

Annemieke Westerman loves 'slow design': she seeks to achieve a reappraisal of traditional handicraft. The timeless Sleeves from her Colour Collection of felt covers are made of natural materials.
More Westerman Bags


A fantastic cooperation. The new global brand 'wOrk' offers the most beautiful ceramics in China combined with the most beautiful Dutch Design by Olav Slingerland.
More wOrk


Zilverstad has had a fascination with silver since 1875. This is reflected in their range of exclusive silver-plated gifts. A Zilverstad gift is a valuable collector's item for all ages.
More Zilverstad

&klevering Amsterdam

Amsterdam-based &klevering (since 1992) has the ambition to make colorful, creative home decorations and gifts to brighten up everyday life at home. The characteristic of the brand is Dutch design with a twist with inspiration from nature and fashion.
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