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Small furniture from big names

A special selection of small furniture designer furniture. From pouffes to chairs, from side tables to magazine racks, from coat racks to wine racks. From both famous and unknown artists. Think of brands such as Cascando, Dutch Design Chair, Functionals, Gispen, Goods, Pols Potten and Popsicle. And designers such as Frederik Roijé, the creator of the Storylines, Guidelines and Cloud Cabinet wall racks. But also Robert Bronwasser (Grape winerack), Peter van de Water (Bamboo coat racks) and Ingrid van der Veen (Pile me up pouffe) Always available at Holland Design & Gifts, your webshop for Dutch design, accessories and original gifts.


Nothing but beautiful designs from the Netherlands

Holland Design & Gifts hosts a range of products by more than 100 Dutch designers and designer labels including Droog Design, Functionals, Gispen and Goods. Sometimes even designed for labels from abroad such as Hay and Alessi.


Small furniture, but no cabinets, tables and settees yet

Holland Design & Gifts ships worldwide with regular carriers. This means we have limitations with regard to the sizes of products and parcels we send. As of now, we are unable to send settees, tables and cabinets. As a result, you will not (yet) find these products in our catalogue.