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Beautiful, playful & practical bags

Our bags and wallets collection isn't the largest in the world, but it is certainly unique! Small bags and cases, handbags, shoulder bags, shoppers and panniers made of different materials such as felt, leather, sturdy and waterproof ribbed nylon and even oilcloth. We have handbags and retro bags from the Rijksmuseum with cool canal houses prints. You'll also find canal houses and other typical Dutch prints on Annie’s Bag, available in three different versions. Looking for a Van Gogh bag or pen case – we have the light blue almond blossom and the tree handbag in different colours of red. The pen cases and bags from Keecie are all made of high-quality leather. The inside these Keecies are decorated with a durable silkscreen print, consistent with the theme or purpose of the

bag. The nylon ripstop bags by Susan Bijl are extremely popular: striking two-coloured designs in different sizes: the new pouch and the new shopping bag. Also colourful are the shoulder bags, shopper and panniers from Kitsch Kitchen. Always available at Holland Design & Gifts,  your number one web shop for Dutch design, accessories and original gifts. Cases and sleeves for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and other smartphones. We also have cases and sleeves for tablets and MacBooks. 


Nothing but beautiful Dutch design

Holland Design & Gifts hosts a range of products by more than 100 Dutch designers and labels, including Droog Design, Functionals, Gispen and Goods. Sometimes even designed for labels from abroad such as Hay and Alessi.