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Amsterdam Souvenirs

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Amsterdam souvenirs

The Dutch capital is the most popular travel destination in the Netherlands. A city with character, canals and bridges, unique symbols, and the location of a number of rich museums, such as the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh museum. All these recognizable places are a reminder of the moment, the atmosphere, the character of this unique city. Please take a look at our Amsterdam souvenirs.


Canals and canal houses of Amsterdam

Viewed from both the air and ground, the canals, bridges, and canal houses of Amsterdam give the city its unique atmosphere. This uniqueness is reflected in a wide range of products that were inspired by the Amsterdam canals, including the stainless steel tealight holders and candles shaped like canal houses. Just as stylish are the playful bags and shoppers of PET felt. Scarves, silver cuff links and aluminum bowls depicting the Amsterdam canals from above. But this is just a small sample of our many Amsterdam canal souvenirs and gifts! 



Iamsterdam was created as a slogan to promote the city of Amsterdam both locally and (inter)nationally. It is based on the core values of Amsterdam, the things that make Amsterdam so unique: creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Iamsterdam is featured in large letters at various locations in Amsterdam and - in a relatively short time - has become a symbol of Amsterdam and its inhabitants. For example, there is no way you could miss the red and white letters at the Museumplein. The letters are almost 2 meters high. and stretch over a width of 23.5 meters. Visitors to Amsterdam often photographed themselves in front or around the letters that have moved to another location. A second set of Iamsterdam is visible at Schiphol Plaza and a third set constantly moves around throughout the city. Furthermore, there is also a small set of letters at the Amsterdam Museum. Our collection has a small selection of Iamsterdam souvenirs. Hoodies, t-shirts, beanies, cups and more items with the Iamsterdam logo can be found at


XXX Amsterdam

One of the most famous symbols of Amsterdam is the coat of arms of Amsterdam, “a shield with three andreas crosses”. According to many historians, it was based on the coat of arms of Jan Persijn, lord of Amsterdam between 1280 and 1282. The andreas crosses are named after the

Apostel Andreas, who - according to stories - was crucified on a similar cross. The crosses were already used by the Germanic people as protection against evil and misfortune. It is often visible in wall anchors and it is still used as a danger symbol for irritants and traffic signs. Examples include the 'watch out, railway crossing' signs, the matrix boards above the motorway with a red cross, and the crossing of fingers behind the back of children when they tell lies. In the Holland Design & Gifts selection, the XXX can be found in the Amsterdam necklace.


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam collection

The Tripadvisor top 10 museums in the world also lists a Dutch museum: the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.  Tripadvisor writes: indisputably world class in terms of early Renaissance and modern European paintings. The Holland Design & Gifts collection includes a number of unique Rijksmuseum accessories for yourself or at home, but also unique gifts. Think of beautiful canal house scarves and handbags, artful tea towels, or the unique 'flowerbrick' delft blue vase.


Van Gogh Museum collection

Just a stone's throw away from the Rijksmuseum you will find the much more modern Van Gogh museum, home of the largest Van Gogh collection in the world. We offer a number of accessories, gifts and souvenirs from the Van Gogh collection, including espresso cups with details from the world-famous Sunflower, Iris and Almond Blossoms and Butterflies and Poppies, but also fresh shoppers, fun bicycle bells, beautiful van Gogh watches and unique silk scarves. All beautiful Amsterdam souvenirs!


Designers and designer brands from Amsterdam

Eindhoven and Amsterdam are the most important hot spots for Dutch design. Many designers and brands are based in these cities. For example, Amsterdam is the home base of hundreds of Dutch designers and brands, including Blond Amsterdam, Droog Design, Frederik Roijé, LEFF, Seroj de Graaf and Van Tjalle en Jasper, just to name a few. All of these designers create unique Amsterdam souvenirs.


Books on Amsterdam

The fact that there are many books about a city as rich in history as Amsterdam shouldn't come as a surprise. We offer several of the great books about Amsterdam, such as 'The Amsterdam Canals' and 'Amsterdam Metropolitan Village'.