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Typically Dutch ceramics 

Royal Goedewaagen is one of the oldest earthenware factories in the Netherlands and stands for quality and craftsmanship. They strive for perfection and creativity on a daily basis: this is what makes their ceramics so unique and typically 'Dutch'.

Only the finest clay

Royal Goedewaagen is famous for its authentic Delftware decorations, are still part of their trademark today. The ceramics are made of the finest clay. To optimize and guarantee quality, various clays from Germany, England and Norway are mixed. Then, the clay is transferred to plaster moulds and carefully baked in a biscuit oven. Finally, the ceramics are decorated with bile acids or paint, resulting in a durable end-product.

Their technique

This manufacturing process, using raw material such as ceramics, is a traditional art form. Royal Goedewaagen is the only earthenware manufacturer in the Netherlands that still uses traditional decorative techniques; from partially mechanised decoration techniques to fully manual techniques. Skilled hands create beautiful ceramics products, which radiates pure passion for craftsmanship!