Typical Dutch

Typical Dutch

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Typical Dutch souvenirs and gifts

At Holland Design and Gifts, you will find typical Dutch home accessories, gifts and souvenirs. Typical Dutch products are truly unique: in one design you will recognize characteristic Dutch culture and architecture such as bicycles, canals and canal houses, whereas in other designs you will recognize specific features of the Dutch design school in which function and minimalist forms are often combined. However, all of our products have one common characteristic: they are all made by Dutch designers.


Canals and canal houses

Recognizably Dutch and represented in a wide range of products. From cosy tea lights and candles to beautiful silver cuff links. and from a contemporary shopper to a fantastic canal house scarf from the Rijksmuseum collection. Typical Dutch designs and original gifts! 


From bicycle to cheese accessories

Our bicycle and cheese accessories are everyday gifts, but they are always typically Dutch. Here you will find the best accessories: from a van Gogh bicycle bell to Kitsch Kitchen saddlebags and covers. Furthermore, we offer tons of cheese products by Boska, including a Barbeclette, a cheese fondue for outdoors and cheese knives and (small) slicers.B


Bosch, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh

You will find the works of many famous Dutch painters represented in tableware, vases, purses and bags, iPad cases and tea towels. Especially unique are the Jheroplates by Royal Delft and the Jherovaas by Cor Unum. The van Gogh and Bosch folding vases by BY Hendrik are very attractive and colourful. We also have artful IXXI tiles for on your wall, available in different designs and formats. Unique gifts in different price ranges.


Typical Dutch - books

Choose from an amazing selection of typical Dutch books about Amsterdam canals, Dutch architecture and art, Dutch design, the coast and the Wadden area. And, of course, about the Dutch and their bicycles. We also offer an attractive A 3-sized colouring book - Color the Netherlands from above, highly recommended! 


Typical works by Dutch designers

Every item has its own story and distinctive features. However, there is always one similarity: they are all works by Dutch designers. Always available at Holland Designs & Gifts, your number one webshop for Dutch design, accessories, and original gifts.