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Enjoy those typical Dutch books

About recognizable subjects such as Dutch design and architecture, but also about cities, nature, and culture. A selection of books about the Netherlands and about typical Dutch things. Order them at Holland Design & Gifts. With titles such as Double Dutch, Dutch architecture after 1985, The Great Golden Age, photo book NL365 - A Year in the Netherlands, Van nature - The national parks of the Netherlands, and much more. Order them at Holland Design & Gifts. Do you like to read about the Netherlands? Then take a look at There you will find all kinds of stories about (life in) the Netherlands.


Hobby with Dutch themes

Hobbies come in all kinds. You can also fill in a number of hobbies with a Dutch touch. The hobby range of Holland Design & Gifts includes puzzles, crafts, and needlework packages with Dutch themes.

These vary from Delft blue to famous paintings and from characteristic birds and flowers to iconic Dutch buildings.


For yourself and as an original gift

Our selection of hobby products is affordable, easy to carry, and ship. This makes them practical as well as a welcome gift. And the variety in hobby articles makes it easy to find something fun.


All from & about the Netherlands

In addition to a selection of books about the Netherlands and typical Dutch subjects and a selection of hobby products, Holland Design & Gifts offers accommodation to an assortment of more than 100 Dutch designers. They design under their own name or for well-known Dutch labels such as Droog Design, Functionals, Gispen, and Goods and sometimes for foreign brands such as Hay and Alessi.