Dutch design on a global scale!

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These design bowls make you greedy

With a beautiful bowl you give every table or cabinet the finishing touch. A selection of bowls designed by Dutch designers can be found at Holland Design & Gifts. Each and every one of them is a special design, but very diverse in style, material, size and colour. Minimalist glass bowls from Functionals and in metal from Gispen, vases with ocean and coral motifs from Royal Goedewaagen. And also Delft blue presentation tiles from Royal Delft, the aluminum Metrobowl Amsterdam from Frederik Roijé and the Vinyl bowl from The Upcycle, made from old LPs. All can be found at Holland Design & Gifts, your webshop for Dutch design, accessories and original gifts.


Also a typical Dutch bowl

All our bowls are designed in the Netherlands. You can see that immediately in some bowls. There are bowls with Miffy from Hollandsche Waaren, special Delft blue bowls from Royal Delft, Heinen and Blond Amsterdam and bowls in the

shape of the Netherlands from Royal Goedewaagen.


A Dutch design bowl gift

A new bowl gives every interior a fresh detail. A welcome gift, for yourself or for someone else. Because a bowl works well for all kinds of gift moments throughout the year; for both man and woman. And we have them in all price ranges. You will find the newest, most beautiful and typical Dutch design dishes at Holland Design & Gifts. The webshop for the most beautiful and fun design home and fashion accessories from Dutch designers.


All design from Dutch soil

Holland Design & Gifts houses an assortment of more than 100 Dutch designers. They design under their own name or for well-known Dutch labels such as Droog Design, Functionals, Gispen and Goods and sometimes for foreign brands such as Hay and Alessi.