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Items for a well-dressed table

The beautiful moments in our life; we experience many at the dinner table. At the dining table during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or during a chat in between, with coffee,  tea or aperitif.  Plenty of reasons to decorate the table a little. To enjoy our personal ´at the table´ moments even more.


Holland Design & Gifts has the most unique tableware

A selection of various items you use at the table, but created by Dutch designers.  Looking for a nice mug, cup, or saucer? Coffee cups, or rather an espresso cups? A beautiful china teapot inspired by the work of Van Gogh, or rather a matte black double-insulated one? Dinnerware? Was cutlery designed by Marcel Wanders or Richard Hutten? Or rather Miffy children's cutlery, made by Zilverstad? Of course, you will also find placemats, table runners, and tablecloths. And also glasses, carafes, and wine coolers. For a delicious cake, we have a beautiful cake platter and a decorated metal cake server. In short, a great series of designer products that make your table even more beautiful and festive. Always available at Holland Design & Gifts,  your number-one webshop for Dutch design, accessories, and original gifts.


From all corners of the Netherlands

The Holland Design & Gifts tableware assortment includes many different brands and designers from all corners of the Netherlands. South Holland (a province in the Netherlands) is well represented by Hollandsche Waaren from The Hague and Royal VKC and Royal Delft from Delft. Blond Amsterdam speaks for itself. The Royal Goedewaagen ceramic factory is located in Nieuw-Buinen in Drenthe. Bredemeijer and Zilverstad in Utrecht, Piet Hein Eek in Eindhoven and HENDRIK in Den Bosch (both North Brabant). The products of Imperfect Design and Fair Forward are developed in the Netherlands but also produced abroad.


Nothing but beautiful designs from the Netherlands

Holland Design & Gifts hosts a range of products by more than 100 Dutch designers and designer labels including Droog Design, Functionals, Gispen, and Goods. Sometimes even designed for labels from abroad such as Hay and Alessi.