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Enjoy Dutch design home accessories

In the Netherlands we spend a lot of time and attention on our house. After all, we spend a lot of time there. Then it is so nice when your home is attractive and comfortable. Dutch design can contribute to this on many points and details. Our range of living and home accessories therefore has all kinds of designs and products to enjoy your living environment even more. Everything to give breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner that little bit extra. Whether it concerns beautiful cups in white, Delft Blue or a color from the Rijksmuseum, Royal Delft or Royal Goedewaagen. Special bowls by Olav Slingerland, plates with birds, a teapot by Blond Amsterdam and a beautifully decorated Alessi tray designed by Marcel Wanders. Water glasses, wine glasses and carafes from Brût Homeware, Pols Potten, Goods or Puik. Also pretty special articles: the mussel cutlery from Anovi, various Boska cheese fondues, unique table runners from Hendrik. The table just keeps getting better! We are happy to share our ideaw with you. This also applies to kitchen accessories such as the most beautiful kitchen aprons from Aunt Bella and Aunt Jo, oyster knives, design cutting boards made of wood and plastic.


The most beautiful design vases

Vases lend themselves very well to providing your interior with eye-catching design accents. Think of the Flor vase and the Mama vase by Roderick Vos, the Cloth vase by Simone Post or the Cable Vase by Patrick Hartog. Or the Gold Crosses vase from Pols Potten, and the very affordable Blue Bicycle vases from Heinen. Typically Dutch is the Holland vase Royal Goedewaagen. You will also find a whole range of folding vases here, unbreakable and easy to send flat by post as a gift.


Dutch design lighting selection

Lamps are the ultimate mood makers. Take a look at the beautiful Circle LED lamps and Magnum LED lamps from Silhouet Lighting, the Wood Lights from Ledr and the slender Skylight Tower hanging lamps from Frederik Roijé. And the Gispen Outline lamps, which, because they only have the contours of a lamp, hardly interrupt the lines of sight. Atmospheric and handy are the wireless Humble LED lamps and the Wick LED lamps. For a spot without a power outlet and outside on the terrace. For the children's room there are the Miffy lamps from Mr. Mary and the animal lamps by Van Tjalle and Jasper.


Much more Dutch design for your home

You will also find a mirror, clock, coat rack, magazine rack or side table at Holland Design & Gifts. Not in all shapes and sizes, but distinctive designs from different design brands and designers. An example is the iFocus mirror, of which you can rotate the magnifying part to any height, beautiful and very practical at the same time. Or the Guidelines magazine rack. Too many to mention. But always available at Holland Design & Gifts, your webshop for Dutch design, accessories and original gifts.


Nothing but beautiful designs from the Netherlands

Holland Design & Gifts hosts a range of products by more than 100 Dutch designers. They develop products under their own name of for famous Dutch labels such as Droog Design, Functionals, Gispen and Goods and sometimes even for a brand from abroad such as Hay and Alessi.