Gift for a girlfriend

Gift for a girlfriend

Women love presents!

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Original designer gifts for a friend

Looking for an unusual gift for your girlfriend? Then you've come to the right place at Holland Design & Gifts! We offer plenty of home and personal accessories, all designed by Dutch designers. In one design you will recognize characteristic Dutch culture and  architecture (such as bicycles, canals and canal houses, whereas in  other designs you will recognize specific features of the Dutch design school (in which function and minimalist forms are often combined).


Gifts for your girlfriend: TIPS

Below are a number of varied and inexpensive gifts for your girlfriend:

-  Beautifully crafted and colored drinking glasses by Pols


-  iPad case with fresh Delft Blue print by Royal Delft 

-  Flat flowers – decorative window stickers with flowers

   in a vase

-  A colorful Domoor cup with big ears by Gispen

-  Unique Paper Vase Covers by Pepe Heykoop

-  Sleek aluminum Clic jewelry 

-  Vincent van Gogh espresso cups in 4 designs


Unique gifts for her

Take a look at our surprising collection of jewelry with cool silver bracelets, necklaces and earrings by Yolanda Döpp. Truly unique are the silver Muizentrap necklace and bracelet and the rubber necklace and bracelets by Corina Rietveld. Our bags, cases and sleeves are also unique gifts for yourself or a friend. For example, we have the Rijksmuseum bag with an imprint of canal houses, beautiful iPad and laptop bags by Keecie, colorful felt iPhone cases by Rowold and Westerman. We also have playful and sleek folding vases, unique bowls and designers chandeliers for indoor or outdoor. Feel free to take a look in our webshop!


Designer gifts for her by Dutch designers

Holland Design & Gifts hosts a range of products by more than 100 Dutch designers. These designers create their products under their own   name or for famous Dutch designer labels, such as Droog Design, Functionals, Gispen and Goods, and sometimes even for brands from abroad, including Hay and Alessi. We can guarantee that you will find a suitable gift for your girlfriend.