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Merel Bekking

Her own studio

In 2011 Merel Bekking graduated from the HKU, Utrecht School of the Arts. She followed a Product Design course. Shortly after her graduation, she started her own design studio in 2012, where she has been working ever since. She works both independently and on commission and her work is extremely diverse. From exhibitions to actual market products, such as the Mr. Fahrenheit.

Working method

Merel Bekking has a specific working method, which starts with research. She explores and examines everything there is to know about a given subject. Based on those results, she begins the design process, for which she frequently makes use of changes in perspective. For her work she was selected to participate in Driving Dutch Design, an initiative that helps young entrepreneurs connect creation and commerce in an appropriate way. After several master classes and personal coaching, she has also been awarded several grants.

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