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Lifecycle of Studio Jasper

The young creative entrepreneur founded the dynamic and independent studio Jasper in 2012. Studio Jasper is a young interior design studio and furniture manufacturer, which became famous for its quirky and unique designs. Jasper's creative use of wood is at the heart of his designs. He applies a minimalistic yet striking style.

Wooden everyday objects

In addition to interiors and furniture design, studio Jasper also creates practical everyday objects made out of wood, such as the elegant wooden iPad case or MacBook sleeve. With its wooden design, Jasper knows how to strikingly combine technology and the traditional application of wood. With a wooden designer case or sleeve, you bring a minimalistic fashion item into your home while at the same time offering protection for your precious iPad or MacBook.

His technique?

His love for wood and design emerged during Jasper's student years at the Academy for Wood and Furniture in Rotterdam. He wanted to combine both design and execution into a single concept, so he decided to follow up his studies at the Jan des Bouvrie Academy for Interior Design & Styling. Jasper made it his goal to bring happiness to people and their environment. Studio Jasper is very good at delivering thoughtful, quirky designs. Quality workmanship and attention to detail are central to his designs. All elements in a product or space have a specific importance and fulfill their own part. The strength of Studio Jasper lies in its ability to combine different elements into a harmonious whole.