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A graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2005, Franke started her own restaurant with Maarten Lockefeer. Franke is a hungry young designer who combines the world of cooking and the kitchen with her design activities. In 2005, she published her own cookbook "Showfood" and provided creative workshops with cooking utensils from Philips designs in her own cooking studio. Anything connecting design with food has her attention. That's why she's a food designer and teaches at the HAS institute for food design in Den Bosch.

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Graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2005 Franke started her own catering together with Maarten Lane. Not so crazy, because Franke is a young hungry design star with a fascination of food. She starts to cook and combines her experiences in the kitchen with her design pursuits. In 2005 she published her own cookbook ' Show food '. In her own cooking studio, she gives creative cooking workshops with kitchenware from Philips designs. Design that connects with food has her attention. She is, therefore and foremost food designer, but she also designs and teaches training for Food Design in addition to all her pursuits at the HAS in Den Bosch.