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Studio Kluif is an all-round design agency, based in the Gruyterfabriek in 's-Hertogenbosch. From its inception in 1999 onwards, Paul Roeters and Jeroen Hoedjes have worked on a variety of assignments. From logo design to websites or a creative strategy; Kluif does it all! Their service record proves that they are able to strike the right chord in communication, on the corporate level or during campaigns. Famous clients include Hema, Fatboy, and the Efteling.

Won awards

Kluif is no ordinary design studio. They have a no-nonsense attitude and are a little crazy. Even though their team of designers has grown, customer contact remains their primary concern. This design studio maintains an unconventional philosophy when it comes to design. Form follows function! Although a beautiful design is a bonus, what really matters is the power of communication and function. Studio Kluif is an undisputed player in the market of packaging. It comes as no surprise that they won two Pentawards in Tokyo, one silver award for the packaging of Intratuin garden tools and a platinum award for the packaging line of Blonde Poulain printing paper. This final packaging line saw them selected among the 200 Best Packaging Design Worldwide 15/15 by Luerzer's Archive. In 2015, this was followed by a TV documentary from the Fraser University Vancouver in Canada.

Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch

Studio Kluif is located in the same factory buildings as the ceramic studio Cor Unum. In 2012, a collaboration was established for JB500. The Cor Unum Jherovase vase is a product from the collection for JB500 (2012). An event focusing on the 500th anniversary of the important medieval Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. Studio Kluif was responsible for the design of the uniquely designed Jherovase, whereas Cor Unum managed its production. The Hieronymus Bosch vase includes a combination of relief and details inspired by the 'Garden of Earthly Desires' painting by Hieronymus Bosch, found in the Museo del Prado in Madrid. Even without flowers, this Dutch designer vase has a decorative value!

Various designs

Following the event, Studio Kluif created a series of Hieronymus prints for Royal Delft. They are also responsible for various designs of new Fatboy products, such as the babushka and the Non-flying carpet. For the people at Studio Kluif, the future appears bright!

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