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Frank Willems

With a sense of functionality, elegant shapes and use of surprising materials, Frank Willems makes strikingly cool designs. Willems thinks in concepts. He takes into consideration all aspects of his designs. Functionality, humour, history, craftsmanship, elegance and detail. Willems hopes that the atmosphere and the feeling that grows between his design and the owner creates a connection.

Frank's most famous work

Madame Rubens is his most famous design: a chair that with its shape and softness, is reminiscent of the shape of the bulky Rubens ladies, warm-blooded and responsive. The furniture is not only practical to sit on, but in itself is majestic: it's a great picture with a fascinating figure.

A practical man

Frank Willems began his studies at the Sint Lucas College in Boxtel in 1995. He graduated from the direction of advertising and presentation techniques in 1999. With this acquired degree, however, he did not go straight to work in advertising or stand construction, but signed up for the Design Academy in Eindhoven where he successfully finished a study course as Atelier in 2004. After an internship at the European Ceramic Work Centre in 's Hertogenbosch, Frank Willems now designs from his own studio in Eindhoven.

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