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Bas Vellekoop

The designer of the Hexa lamp

Bas Vellekoop (1985) graduated from the Royal Academy of art in the Hague in 2010. After his studies, he started his own studio in the same city. Currently, a focus on product design, although he also designs interiors of homes and restaurants. In his work, Bas Vellekoop strives for honest and authentic designs.

Bas Vellekoop

His label is known for its simplicity in detailing and construction. The product construction is visible and is an essential part of the design. He makes his designs from the intrinsic motivation to make his living environment more enjoyable: "Already from an early age I watch my environment with a critical look. Already with the thought: how would I make this myself? "

Designs in series production

Different designs of Bas Vellekoop are successfully put into production. Like the table design Fold -whose name is derived from the folded metal frame - and Stringer, named after the stringer in a surfboard. And also the Hexa and Quintus lamps, the last a series of hanging lamps and floor lamps based on the traditional Japanese Lantern.