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Pepe Heykoop founded his own studio after graduating in 2008 from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. All products are handmade. With his designs, he often tries to recycle products and, in doing so, creates a link between art and design.

Made by mothers 

Pepe is now known all over the world, especially because of the Paper Vase Cover modular vase, which earned Pepe an Interior Innovation Award in 2013. This design is part of a larger whole. He has them created by hundreds of women in India, employed in his workshop in Mumbai. There, together with his cousin Laurien Meuter, he operates the Tiny Miracles Foundation, with the aim of lifting a community of 700 people out of poverty within 10 years. The Paper Vase Cover is completely handmade by mothers. The more handcraft, the more income. That's what they're after

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Would you like to contribute to the Tiny Miracle Foundation, and become the owner of a special Dutch Design object in the process? View and order the Paper Vase Cover by Pepe Heykoop!

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