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Sabine van der Ham

Dutch designer Sabine van der Ham knows how to design interiors and lighting in her own unique way. Her vision for a customized solution for the product and interior is innovative and innovative. Her studio SVDH DESIGN specializes in office, restaurant, hotel and home design and product design. From sketch proposal to technical drawing and lighting plan to a 3D visualization.

Product design

In product design, Sabine focuses on making special lighting fixtures. In addition to the various lighting collections of SVDH DESIGN, Het Lichtlab produces some of her designs and it is also possible to have custom designs. Sabine knows how to perfectly translate the wishes of her customers into sustainable, environmentally friendly lighting solutions.

Circular designs

Sabine designs from the perspective of a circular economy; responsible use and reuse of materials. To ensure this, Sabine is also closely involved in the production process of all her custom solutions.

Sabine's growth path

Sabine already laid the foundation for her own design studio during her education at the Wood and Furniture College (HMC). She opted for a further education at the ArtEZ School of the Arts and worked as a 3D interior designer at Gispen. Since 2019 she divides her time between Being Spaces where she designs work and living environments and her own studio SVDH Design.