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Ceramics designer

When looking for beautiful ceramics, you must visit the Vughterstraat in Den Bosch. There you can visit the workshop and store of Cor Unum. Here, designer, ceramist and director Charlotte Landsheer (1964) feels completely at home. Since 1994, Charlotte, often called Lotte, has contributed to a cultural shift within Cor Unum. Under her leadership, Cor Unum has become a ceramics workshop with work by (inter)national designers such as David Derksen, Kranen / Gille, Roderick Vos and Floris Hovers.

Classic craft

In addition to the professionalization of the ceramics studio, Charlotte is also responsible for the high-quality ceramic craftsmanship of the studio. With passion and professionalism she creates - together with professionals, students and people with a labour disability - innovative ceramic home accessories. Her designs challenge what is technically feasible and elevate the field to a higher level.

Dutch design vase

The designs by Charlotte Landsheer are not constricted by the supposed technical limitations of clay. From the Cor Unum Vision vase with a striking hole through the center, to the beautiful Reclay bowl , made of clay strip leftovers from daily production: it's easy to recognize her familiar trademark of organic forms and technical innovation! Charlotte's collection also includes a complete table decoration set; the Cor Unum Swing series consists of four tumbling vases and one bowl. All have a convex bottom and are numbered in order of size, they form a stylish accessory for your home. The vases and bowls by Landsheer are produced in a limited edition and are a great addition to any interior by virtue of their accessible style!

The finer points of ceramics

In recent years, Cor Unum has presented five exclusive collections in the mecca of the design world: Salone del Mobile in Milan. Charlotte Landsheer - who herself graduated in Tilburg in 1989, specialising in ceramics - also teaches the students of the St. Lucas in Boxtel. Both in the studio and at school she teaches the students the finer points of ceramic craftsmanship. The vases and bowls of Charlotte Landsheer are sold all over the world. Landsheer represents beautiful Dutch design in your kitchen, living room or office.