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Jos Kranen (1977) and John Gille (1979) are truly inseparable. Ever since they designed a series of chairs during their studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven this designer duo has been working together. As they complement each other so well, it is sometimes hard to say who is responsible for the design of their products.

Organic appearance

Since 2007, Studio Kranen/Gille has been creating furniture and interior designs from inside the heart of Den Bosch. The shapes they use are often based on industrial tools, robust machines, and old utensils. Unexpected combinations, such as wood, and aluminum, give their work a poetic and organic appearance. Although the products have a contemporary character, the English designs of Kranen/Gille would not look out of place in a factory environment or port.

Exhibited in Dutch museums

Studio Kranen/Gillen has become an established name in the design world. In addition to the designs and layouts of various business environments, the work of this designer duo can be seen in (inter)national museums. In 2014, they designed the 'engine room' for the Dutch Design Dollhouse, on a scale of 1:12, with a presentation of the designs by leading Dutch designers. The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam selected their Hensen chair for the 'a century of iconic Dutch Design chairs' exhibition. This was followed by a collaboration with the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen in 2015. For this, they designed and created an addition to the permanent collection.

Long-lasting products 

Jos Kranen and John Gille create beautiful, functional, and timeless designs. Their furniture and home accessories are of high quality and thus guarantee a long service life. This design duo is known for its distinctive perspective and bold aesthetics. By combining simplicity and craftsmanship, they are able to come up with both industrial and elegant applications, of what are often familiar shapes. The Cor Unum Meck lamp, for example, was conceived in the house of one of their grandmothers. By combining a ceramic base with an inverted weck pot in grandma's basement, a modern take on the oil lamp was created. For Functionals, Kranen/Gille designed the 101 Candelabra mirror. A magic mirror from which candlesticks appear on both sides to create atmosphere and lighting. Innovative brands this studio collaborates with include New Duivendrecht and Priveekollektie.