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Margriet Foolen (1982) started Studio Divers immediately after graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven (2006). 'Divers' brings design into production. With a great interest in functionality, materials, and production methods, Divers strives to design smart and functional products. Studio Divers is located in Bergen op Zoom.

Really Diverse!

Internationally renowned design initiatives such as Droog Design, Serax, Brabantia, PT, Leitmotiv, Zuiver, Metakor, and Zuperzozial regularly work together with Studio Divers. Studio Divers has won several prestigious design awards, including for the design of Slow Cooker. Margriet went to Peru for Noosa-Amsterdam to lead the fair trade production and prototyping for symbol Chunks. These Noosa Chunks are a worldwide success, the production in Peru is all done by hand by unique craftsmen.

Experience to share

In addition to creating, Margriet likes to share her experiences so far. That is why she gives lectures, training, and brainstorming sessions and leads trends, color, design, and inspiring workshops. Margriet also works with interns and prospective design students to share vision and knowledge with young people.