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Lieke: 'Design has inspired me all my life, though I have not followed a study in the field or something like that. My desire to design was always there, but my working life also ran differently by anything else. But 'later when I am grown up' I would really go for the design. But before you know it is (too) late and your desire is distorted in a hobby by lack of time and guts. Ow, that frustration, jealousy and fascination (all in positive form) for others that created something tangible with crafts! Who are able to create a refined simplicity with production methods such as welding. That I missed, that I wanted too! In the end, my fascination about combining old traditions with modern technology and innovative Dutch Design became something I could no longer ignore.'

The Lunedot candlestick 

Lieke Van Dijk presented her candlesticks on the leading furniture fair Salone del Mobile in Milan. There, she was immediately spotted by the grand dame of the Italian designer Rosanna Orlandi. You can buy a Lunedot in her gallery in Milan, as at Designation Design in London or just at Van Dijk in Vreeland. And of course here at Holland Design & Gifts.