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ON socks and Dare to Differ

2 feet, 5 socks, 10 possibilities to wear a unique pair of socks. That is the concept of ON socks, part of "Dare to Differ" by founders Reinier, Lodewijk, and Matthijs. Dare to Differ wants to be "different" and looks at the world inquisitive. Could it be better, should it be different, could it be more beautiful? Looking with a different eye provides new insights. Sometimes big, sometimes small. They convert those insights into products. In services. In questions and sometimes also in answers. And so it went with ON socks.

The insight

Reinier, Lodewijk, and Matthijs are three friends and - just like you probably - often wear socks. They often disagree. But not about the following… About socks! They wondered the following… Why are left and right sock always the same? Actually a bit boring. And impractical, too. If there is one sock with holes, you have to throw the other away also. And that while socks are so much fun. Because they are in the twilight zone of your body. Sometimes you see them, sometimes you don't. A completely underrated piece of clothing!

From insight to idea

Once the men saw that, they could no longer "unsee" it and decided to do it differently. Instead of pairs of socks, they decided to make series of socks. Series of 5 unique socks, which can all be combined into a beautiful pair. And of course, every series tells a special story. The result: ON socks, 2 feet, 5 socks, 10 possibilities to wear a unique pair of socks. Always beautiful, slightly different and you never miss out! Dare to wear different. That is the philosophy of ON socks.