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Rich design history

Gispen has an impressive history. Especially when we look at products and architecture, which have occupied a special place in the world of design, innovation, and quality. At that time, every design was an innovative step, whether it concerns the 'Giso' lighting or the 'Good living' period. Gispen's innovation continued in products for office furnishing and later the introduction of office concepts.

Gispen design classics

Gispen is known for its classics. Designs such as 412, the Giso lamps, and the 'President' desk are examples of innovation, design, and quality. A selection of historical Gispen products is still being made and purchased. The collection contains replicas of the chairs, tables, sofas, and armchairs by designer W.H. Gispen. They have reproduced authentically, in accordance with the original design and with the original materials such as Bakelite.

Gispen museum is packed with Gispen Design products

Gispen has its own museum, which is located in the Gispen International headquarters in Culemborg (the Netherlands). There is a permanent exhibition with lamps, living furniture, and office furniture. In addition to designs by Willem Hendrik Gispen, there are also designs by Wim Rietveld, André Cordemeyer, Jan Jacobs, and Peter de Boer.