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Titia Regterschot is the designer behind Dutch Duo Design, a product design agency, located in Velp near Arnhem. Titia studied at the TeHaTex in Nijmegen and the Art Academy in Arnhem. She then ended up in art consultancy, first at the Province of Gelderland, later at Ahrend Office Furnishing, and from 1996 she was self-employed as Titia Regterschot Art Consultancy. She fulfilled a long-cherished wish to design objects herself in 2013 with the start of Dutch Duo Design. Titia's own handwriting is characterized by a passion for repetitions, rhythms, graphic shapes, and a modern, sleek design. The product design portfolio consists of accessories, jewelry, lighting fixtures, and some furniture.

Signature style

The Dutch Duo Design portfolio is characterized by a great diversity of products made with various materials and techniques. Titia starts with a thought for a form, an interest in a specific material or technique, and while experimenting an imagination of this idea arises. The possible function of the design, which is as essential as the design, grows in this process. Ultimately, products are created that are surprisingly sleek and modern, functional, sustainable, and contemporary. However diverse the designs are, they are all based on the same concept. All the designs arise from the flat surface. Titia will build with a specific basic shape; stacking, stringing, switching, etc. The repetition of this basic shape results in an object with a user function.


The 'Art Deco style period really appeals to Titia. The specific design of this style period is clearly reflected in De Dutch Duo Design designs. The Zerol Movement, founded in 1961 by Jan Schoonhoven, Armando, and Henk Peeters, among others, is also a source of inspiration. The repetition of similar elements, the love for rhythm, and the regularity characteristic of this style period can be recognized in the designs. Everyday objects can trigger a new design, such as a simple button for the 'Button' design.