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Clear Designs 

Dick van Hoff graduated from the Arnhem Academy of Arts in 1996. There he established his own design philosophy of honest and transparent products. He has a fascination for clarity in his designs. Something must be immediately obvious, and the essential function of the object must be apparent. His products are not produced on a mass scale, which improves the quality and commitment. Besides his own work, Dick van Hoff also designs products for several other brands, including Droog, Functional and Gispen.

Functionality is important 

Dick van Hoff also teaches graduates at the Design Academy Eindhoven. His work shows a love for industrial and especially artisanal techniques. He keeps modifying his material until a new shape emerges. These shapes reflect the intended use of the designs. He ensures that both quality and functionality are kept to high standards. Functionality is perhaps even more important than aesthetics. However, that does not mean that form simply follows function.