Secretary Day

Secretary Day

They deserve it!

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In April we will celebrate Secretary Day again!

In the Netherlands, we celebrate Secretary's Day on April 20, 2022, but this day is now celebrated in many countries. Internationally, in America and Canada, for example, Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated, and in Australia, they celebrate Secretary's Day!


Gift for administrative staff

Secretaries and secretaries are often the spiders in the web, the pivot in the office, and the indispensable centipede, who arranges everything. The best secretaries and secretaries do not stand out but arrange everything in the background so well that the work process for their department or their boss runs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Of course, they receive a salary for their work, but precisely because the compliments often remain at the management level with those who have contact with the customer or the supplier, the national secretary day was created. On this day, employees in a supporting position, such as the receptionist, secretary, administrative assistant, or personal assistant, are put in the spotlight.


Secretary Day all over the world: also in the Netherlands

Secretary Day was introduced in the Netherlands in 1989 by the then Secretary Magazine now Management Support Magazine, the then Starjob employment agency, vocational training Schoevers, Flower Council Holland, and flower distributor Fleurop. In America, Secretary's Day has long been a well-known phenomenon for putting administrative staff in the limelight. In the Netherlands, Secretary's Day is always celebrated on the 3rd Thursday of April.


Show appreciation?

Managers, who regularly compliment or express appreciation for their secretary or support staff, obviously don't need such a national holiday.

But Secretary's Day has become an international concept and because this day gets a lot of attention, it's best to pick up on it. However? And then we are happy to make a suggestion if you are already planning to spend 25 euros on a bunch of flowers!


Flowers or now a lasting gift?

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Gift tips for Secretary's Day

Just a few varied and affordable gift tips for Secretary's Day from our collection:

-  A folding vase By Hendrik: always a vase handy

-  wOrk stone cup of spoon necklace: special Dutch Design

-  Coffee to Go cup; more awake in the office

-  Stylish silk scarf

- Senz Umbrella: it sometimes rains in the Netherlands

- Diskus board with appropriate text 'Cooperation'


All designs from the Netherlands

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