Gifts & Souvenirs

Gifts & Souvenirs

Without the usual Dutch cliches

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Designer gifts, also for Sint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) and Christmas

Find unique and surprising gifts in the Holland Design & Gifts collection. Home accessories and fashion accessories were created by Dutch designers. Fine gifts, special souvenirs, gifts with a story, and meaningful items for emigrants and ex-pats. The assortment also includes a selection of products that are typical Dutch, without falling into the trap of familiar cliches. Such as the cups by Hollandsche Waaren, in orange, red, white and blue with a subtle Delftware print of a mill on the bottom. This print only becomes visible once you start drinking from the cup.


Gifts for Her

An extremely varied gift assortment: fashionable accessories, fine and playful jewellery, beautiful and practical cases, covers and bags for tablets and laptops. Gifts for yourself friends and family. A source of inspiration for your partner. Including a wide range of unique items. A bag with a Van Gogh print or a seat belt, an Amsterdam canal scarf, an aluminium bracelet with invisible fastening, unique oval earrings, or a rubber necklace with or without a hazelnut hanger. A colourful felt cover for your e-reader, the new shopping bag in many colours and a gorgeous leather laptop bag. But also beautiful candles shaped like a 3-armed candelabra and other surprises!  


Gifts for Him

Part of our gift assortment is aimed at men. Such as the men's scarves by HENDRIK, or the absolutely stunning Amsterdam Canal cufflinks. Unique items especially popular

with men. Think of the iPad and MacBook Wood Cases by Studio Jasper. Sleek tablet and laptop cases made of oak, walnut or plywood. Or the Alessi Dressed watches by Marcel Wanders. And the Pencil Holder necklace – a silver necklace with a pencil holder. From the same designer, there is also the Bik Clip; a silver pen lid, including bite marks.  Some other great examples are the Noir de Noir bags, designed by Isaac Monté that are made from seatbelts (without it actually being noticeable!).  And of course the umbrellas, the pretty windproof ones by Senz or those from the Van Gogh Museum collection, with surprisingly detailed painting patterns on the inside. Gifts for yourself or friends and family. A great source of inspiration for your partner. Including gifts, you won't easily find anywhere else.


A gift for every moment

Just for the sake of it, or for a birthday or other special occasion. Holland Design & Gifts offers gifts for all these special moments. During the year we adjust our product range with new designs, but also special gifts for Sint Nicholas (Sinterklaas), Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. Gifts for when you want to give or receive something truly unique.  


Solely designer products from the Netherlands

Holland Design & Gifts hosts a range of products by more than 100 Dutch designers and labels including Droog Design, Functionals, Gispen and Goods. Sometimes even designed for labels from abroad such as Hay and Alessi.