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The sad life of Van Gogh

Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands and later lived in Paris and other places in France. He did not have such a happy life and nobody in his lifetime enjoyed his beautiful paintings. In all his life, he managed to sell only one single of his paintings. He earned no money and remained forever dependent on his parents and brother Theo.

Concentrate on paintings

In 1888, Vincent van Gogh cut off part of his left ear. He took to drinking and was eventually admitted to a psychiatric hospital. In 1890 he decided - on the advice of his doctor - to concentrate on painting and created his final series: 12 elongated paintings of landscapes, including "Wheatfield under thunderclouds ' and ' Tree roots'. On July 27, 1890, Vincent walked into a wheat field and shot himself in the chest. He left behind a large number of artworks: more than 850 paintings and nearly 1,300 works on paper.