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Do not worry

The German-born Ulrike Jurklies is the woman behind Mo Man Tai. This means 'do not worry', or 'every problem has a solution' in Cantonese.
In 2005, Ulrike Jurklies moved to Eindhoven. There she found a wide range of colleagues, inspiration and a home. She currently works from home.

Combining old traditions with modern techniques

Ulrike Jurklies studied Industrial Design in Munich. She graduated in 2002 and then started to work independently. Her two main inspirations are old traditions and modern technologies. This is particularly evident in her most successful product: Tweet - for love notes. A handwritten message in the time of social media. For Ulrike Jurklies, it is important that her products are environmentally sound.

Graphic designing as well

Besides being a creator of many products, she also works as a graphic designer. She designs Canvas Collages with the intention to keep original wall decorations affordable while still offering a limited edition of 10 pieces.

Ulrike Jurklies is a woman of many talents. To give an example, she designed the official medal for the 2010 swimming world championship for people with disabilities. A real dream of hers: designing for de Bijenkorf. She would definitely like that.

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