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Design duo spek consists of Michiel van Sinderen (left) and Steffen de Jonge (right). Their designs and concepts are very diverse, from lamp to beanbag and from laundry buddy to the clock. Now, we mostly focus on Snippers and expanding the brand. Both are educated as Industrial Design Engineers at the Delft University of Technology. Nowadays we are still active in education as design tutors and coaches.

Product design

Since spek was founded in 2014, Michiel and Steffen have designed many products. A selection of their designs:

  • NS Green Train (2014) Design competition, a train that looks green but up close appears to consist of all blue and yellow squares.

  • Brake light: only a few minor adjustments can turn rough scrap into design objects. In the case of Remlicht, Michiel and Steffen have upcycled the iconic brake discs into a series of lamps. Remlicht was born within 24 hours with the best pieces from the dump.

  • The world maps (2016) of Spek consist of used sea containers. They have traveled the world for years and this has certainly left its mark. Rust, dents, and stickers determine the rough and hard appearance of the cards cut from the side of the shipping container. The two parts are hung on magnets that can be screwed to the wall.

  • The Snippers concept, launched in 2017. With Snippers you upgrade clear distilled spirits through a simple form of traditional ripening. Snippets do the job of a small wooden barrel: a bottle filled with 4 ounces of wood chips (from used barrels) that will release their flavor as soon as they come in contact with the vodka or jenever you add.

In short, spek's work is surprisingly creative.