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Inspired by plastic cups

When the hospital where Rob Brandt worked switched from coffee mugs to plastic coffee cups, not everyone was happy. Although it saves money and washing time, the plastic cup is much more unstable, you burn your hands quicker and plastic has a negative environmental impact. Because Rob Brandt (1946) had by now become so accustomed to the sound of crushed plastic cups, the shape of this plastic cup inspired him to design a 'crushed' cup out of pottery.

Products with a twist

This anecdote is indicative of the working method of ceramic artist Rob Brandt. He is able to connect widespread clichés in society and draw out the beauty of them. By distilling the essence of these everyday practices, he is able to show them in a new light. This creates innovative products with a twist. Art or kitch? It's for you to decide!

Exhibited in museum

Rob Brandt studied at the St. Joost Academy in Breda. His graduation in 1973 was followed by the success of the ceramic Goods crushed cups in 1775. Although it has become the most famous of his designs, Brandt has designed many more every day objects. He is also engaged in making statues and artworks. Rob's work has been exhibited in museums such as the Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam and the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem. Up to this day, the production of his designs remains in-house. Because of its delicate production process he is only able to guarantee high quality by producing the pottery himself.

Numerous variations available

After the success of the Goods crushed cups, Brandt has come up with numerous variations on the coffee cup design. The Goods crushed cup mug is the biggest version of the ceramic disposable cup. Then there are the crushed cup espresso cups , crushed cups glass cups and even a Goods Crushed vase of. This puts ceramicist Rob Brandt in the forefront of stylish home accessories and decorative table decoration design. These tableware items are also ideal as a unique gift!