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Design & Engineering

Designer Olaf Weller (1987) first studied Design & Engineering at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and then Integrated Product Design at the Delft University of technology.  After some time working as a design manager, he founded Weller Design in 2014. His design talent stands out for his fantastic view on design: Olaf's vision is to create unique products with a high-quality finish on a small scale, for which he goes to the extremes of small-scale production methods such as laser cutting and 3D printing.

Design lighting and more

Olaf Weller came by chance lamp design, and his studio is more diverse than that. Weller Design is the label under which the mechanical and industrial designer realizes countless ideas. An umbrella for archetypal, conceptual designs. Olaf: ' it must be familiar, have a link with something. ' As a designer, he plays with recognition, function, and aesthetics of the design.

Goal-oriented design

Weller Design has set itself the target to design challenging, well-thought-out products. That is also beautiful. Products that make life more pleasant or solve daily issues.