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Michael Barnaart's work connects 'high' and popular culture. With comfortable jersey dresses, this fashion designer places his work at the intersection of industrial design, graphic design and art. It is not without reason that the creations made in the Netherlands are worn on the street as well as exhibited in various museums.

About Michael Barnaart

After his studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI), the Dutch designer, whose full name is Michael Barnaart van Bergen, presented his first couture collection during the Amsterdam Fashion Week in 2008. In 2009 he launched his first prêt-à-porter collection and since then he has concentrated on tricot. Various collection items have since been exhibited in various international museums, such as the Gemeentemuseum The Hague, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Kunsthal Rotterdam, Modemuseum Hasselt and Barbican in London. The work of Micheal Barnaart is characterized by its accessibility, clear design and unique graphic designs. The collections, which also include scarves and brooches, are produced in a limited edition in the Netherlands in a artisanal way. The current collection can always be seen in the Michael Barnaart store at Papestraat 1b in The Hague.

Four values ​​as a starting point

Four values ​​come together in Michael Barnaart's collection: pleasure, culture, design and craft.


The designs show a world that is positive, surprising, timeless and sustainable. Collections for people who follow their own path. Indifferently following the prevailing fashions and opinions leads to the least freedom and the least pleasure. Dare to be Yourself!


The importance of everyday things is only understood when it is missed or when it is applied in a different way. An illustrated cutting line in a coupon book has a different meaning than on a dress. Connecting authentic culture and consumer culture is characteristic of the collection.


Good design is clear, accessible and timeless. A design must be able to conquer your heart, both functionally and visually. The Dutch Nieuwe Zakelijkheid, De Stijl and Scandinavian simplicity are united with Italian ingenuity and French flair. Striking graphic design and refined use of color are important pillars.


The collection is handmade in the Netherlands. High quality and craftsmanship, love and inspiration, attention to the environment, honesty and sincerity, good working conditions, transparency and cooperation are important elements.