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Karin van Lieshout

Collaboration between two designers 

The studio OOOMS is a collaboration between Karin van Lieshout and Guido Ooms. They met at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and have been together for about 14 years trying to come up with innovative concepts. These designs are distinguished by their strong must-buy feeling.

The dreamer and the realist 

Guido Ooms is known as the dreamer and often comes up with very innovative ideas. Turning those ideas into reality also requires a reality check, in order to see to what extent things even are possible. This is where Karin van Lieshout comes in. Together, they form a strong team responsible for several award winning designs such as the Milkmaid.

Teaching and designing 

In addition to designing, both also spend their time educating the new generation. They both teach at the Design Academy Eindhoven and at the Utrecht University of the Arts. In addition to teaching, they also organise workshops around the world.

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