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Jurrijn Huffenreuter

Jurrijn Huffenreuter (1986) is a young Dutch designer who specialises in porcelain. Although his porcelain jewellery may be the most popular, he makes everything from porcelain. From jewellery to tableware and interior accessories. Jurrijn studies mass production techniques for his designs. He first analyses these and then uses parts of the manufacturing process to make unique creations. Meanwhile, he learns from every process and grows his craftsmanship.

Dutch design education

Jurrijn was born in 1986 and at 20 years of age, started at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. He then followed two years of DesignLAB at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and an internship at Edelman B.V. in Reeuwijk, The Netherlands.

Dutch design with humor

Jurrijn loves to give a humorous twist to his designs. His jewellery collection Licorice and tableware line Blocks are good examples. jewellery with typically Dutch licorice as charms. How did he come up with this? And even more special is the idea behind Blocks. Huffenreuter designed a modular mould with which everybody could create endless pieces of porcelain and earthenware. This practical idea may still be proven more difficult in real life. But it sure is special.

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