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Joris Sparenberg

Cabinet designer

After studying Industrial Design at the Technical University in Delft, he developed into a designer with many innovative designs. Joris Sparenberg once worked as a cabinet maker in Rotterdam. Renovating interiors, requiring great physical strength, was not something he was looking for. After earning his degree he wanted to become independent.

Popular vase

His vase design manifested a flash of inspiration. It has simplicity, subtlety and radiates calmness. Joris Sparenberg approached the Bijkenkorf in Amsterdam, who were more than happy to sell his product. After ten years, the the product sold more than 140,000 copies.

Pleasantly surprising products

Besides the vases, Joris Sparenberg was asked to design a large clock for a building in Rotterdam. The concept of the Birdy wall clock was an offspring of this project. Other designs include his Little Vibes, a small toy desk that radiates warmth, movement and sound. Joris Sparenberg hopes to make people happy with his pleasantly surprising products. All his products are made with dedication and love.

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