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Jasmin Djerzic

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Jasmin Djerzic

A young designer from Bosnia

Jasmin Djerzic is a young designer who wants to bring playfulness back into the lives of adults with his designs. He grew up in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and fled to the Netherlands in 1992. There he completed his studies in 2011 at the Art Academy in Breda, the starting point of Jasmin Djerzic Designs in Breda.

Playfulness and inspiration

In his studio, Jasmine works mainly with ceramics, plastics, and paint. With her designs, Jasmin wants to bring playfulness back into the lives of adults. Toys are therefore one of his most important sources of inspiration. His home accessories are all extraordinary and surprising combinations of playful experience and functionality.

Collectibles that adorn your room and beautify your life

All of Jasmin Djerzic's designs are made by hand in small quantities in his studio in Breda. If you own a Flying Dutchman Lamp, a Long Legs Candlestick, or a Jasmin My Superhero Vase, you will have a sensational and controversial accent in your room. We assume that Djerzic's designs will be among the most unique collectibles in the future, ie real collectibles that will one day appear on a television program like 'Tussen Kunst & Kitsch'.