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Benno Premsela

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Benno Premsela

Interior designer at Bijenkorf

This man is perhaps best known for his showcases of the Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. Benno worked there as head of the department for interior design and showcases. Much can be said of showcase design, but Benno definitely elevated it to an art form.

Minimalistic and functional, like it should

Naturally, he did much more than that. He was a versatile and most importantly, busy man. Many companies and individuals were on his client list and he was responsible for a wide range of designs. The 1982 Lotek for Hollandsch Licht is one of his most celebrated designs. Minimalist and functional, as designs should be.

War survivor

Benno Premsela was a student at the New School of Arts in Amsterdam. He studied interior design before and after World War II. Because of his Jewish ancestry, he was forced to abandon his studies and go into hiding. His parents and sister did not survive the war.