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Anja Verdonk

Manually checked for quality and perfection

Anja Verdonk designs her products for Asymmetree by means of modern technologies and nature. Despite the fact that all products are manually checked for quality and perfection, she is progressive in the creation of her designs.

Nature versus Technology

Anja Verdonk studied at the Technical University in Delft, where she finished her education as an architect in 2007. She then worked in various offices specialized in architecture. During this work she discovered the interplay between nature and technology. Despite her work in the architectural sector, she decided to direct her talents to the field of product design. The products of Asymmetree are the result of her efforts.

Rotterdam based

She operates her company from Rotterdam. She also teaches 2D and 3D software incorporation in the design process at the Willem de Kooning Academy. She is furthermore active in a team of architects, in which she is engaged in retail and infrastructure projects.

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