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New global brand 'wOrk'

This fantastic new world brand was born in 2013. The Dutch ceramics specialist Olav Slingerland then worked together with Zhu Xiaojie's pottery workshop in Wenzhou. Zhu learned Olav the fine tricks of pottery. Working together these two top designers with the new brand wOrk blow new life in the craft of ceramic pottery. A craft that especially in the Netherlands and in China already exist a long time.

Special qualities lie in the combination of technology and craftsmanship

The products of the brand wOrk, such as the porcelain pendants ' Spoon ' and ' Cup ' are of a particular quality. For these pendants, Olav and Zhu used precious new techniques and proven experience with hand work.

East meets West in a piece of jewellery

The jewellery of the brand wOrk is a nice mix of influences from Eastern and Western culture. And the result we find fantastic. With a wOrk pendant, you really give something memorable and you have something controversial to hang around your necklace. Fun for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.