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An #Amsterdam design duo, Diederik Dam and Timo Keultjes, who started working together in 2016. In their studio, they are constantly looking for the combination of fun and innovation and according to them really in that order. As Amsterdam designers looking at our current society, they see a melting pot where a wide variety of people, cultures, and countries come together. And somewhere in that beautiful melting pot, they have designed 'Work-worthy', designs that bring people together.

For daring interiors

Diederik and Timo: “We are Werkwaardig, a creative movement that fights for fun and against boring mass production in interiors. Our in-house design team and the external leading designers who have been invited to create for our brand share one mission: to find that specific twist that makes a functional product quirky and fun. Sidepig is the first result of their collaboration and therefore very defining what they stand for. #fun

An eye for sustainability

Diederik and Timo go one step further because being kind to our planet is also important. Their first iconic design, the “Sidepig”, is made sustainably in the Netherlands from recyclable plastic. The next cool development is a product made from old fishing nets that are recycled on them and do not end up in the sea, called “Seapig”. Support with that Waste Free Oceans: #cleanocean