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About Weltevree

Weltevree is a Dutch design brand, founded in 2007. Weltevree makes contemporary sustainable products that aim to activate you and your environment. The team develops inventive products in collaboration with the best designers and inventors, both with established names and emerging talent. Weltevree is located in Amersfoort.

What does Weltevree mean?

“Weltevree is about well-being and being satisfied with your environment. Old farms in the Netherlands are often named after this. It is a homely feeling: where you are at your place. ”

Activating people and places

Weltevree believes in the experiences you can gain in your immediate environment. The mission is to contribute to a more conscious, social, and satisfied life by creating products that stimulate you to explore the environment and use it in a new way. Weltevree products require interaction and only really come to life when they are in use. Even though Weltevree has a preference for beautiful products that are well put together, in their eyes experiences are your most valuable asset. Every Weltevree product is made to support these experiences year-round. Designed with sustainability as an important spearhead and are made of honest materials that will last for years. A transparent production process and experienced partners are an inseparable part of the Weltevree method. The Weltevree team continues to challenge itself to surprise you with special ideas and inspiring products.