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Arjan van Raadshoven and Anieke Branderhorst are publishers of design products. Under their brand Vij5 they publish a collection of interior accessories, lighting and furniture. They do this with great attention and enthusiasm. As publishers they work on the basis of content: the product and the story behind it are central. Vij5 is based on designing beautiful and functional products for the interior. Vij5 offers designers and makers a platform with the aim of developing, making and distributing new design products together. The Vij5 collection pays tribute to the craft of the product designer; this craft should be cherished!

Young talent and renowned designers

Since 2006, Vij5 has been helping various designers develop, present and distribute new designs. The Vij5 collection includes work by Floris Hovers, Ontwerpduo, David Derksen, Raw Color, Jeroen Wand and Daphna Laurens. Arjan and Anieke now represent products from 28 different designers who are close to them, a mix of young talent and renowned designers. Arjan and Anieke enjoy working actively with designers to contribute to the success of their studios. Not only for distribution, but especially for the development of new products and the innovation of production processes. In addition, by taking the presentation and sales work off your hands, the designers can focus more on what is important to them. Fair compensation for designers and makers is a matter of course for them. In this way they create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

The Five of Vij5

The working method of Vij5 is characterized by the following 5 steps, which have given the brand its name.

To design

The designs in the Vij5 collection often arise from the essence of product design and tempt you to see or use an existing product in a new way. They form an interesting alternation between recognition and surprise. Design not only influences the function, but also the experience of a product. A good designer can determine the form and function of an object in such a way that the result is beautiful but also functional. This is what makes a design for Vij5 interesting.

To Collect

In the role of curator, Arjan and Anieke decide whether or not something will be included in the Vij5 collection. This choice is very personal, they only include products in the collection that make their heart beat faster. With an eye for detail and a passion for special products, they 'collect' designs that touch them. Arjan and Anieke want to have a good 'click' with both the designer and the product. Many of the collaborations under our brand start as a friendship. It is especially fun to work together!

To Translate

A translation is needed to turn a concept into a producible product. Some designers have come a long way when Arjan and Anieke come into contact with them. Then they only dot the i's together. But it is also possible that they are involved in the design process at an earlier stage and then they already provide input in that phase. That's actually what they like best. When translating a concept, they do not base our choices on price, but on content. They regularly convince a producer to try something new to ensure that a product turns out as the designer intended: often on the borderline of the possibilities of a material or technique: the moment where development and innovation take place.

To make

Arjan and Anieke believe that openness and transparency about the entire chain - from the designer - of a product is important and therefore provide a lot of insight into the choices they make. The products are made in relatively small series by passionate professionals, mainly in the Netherlands. They regularly visit the makers and often have been working together for a longer period of time. By looking over their shoulders and gaining insight into certain production processes, they often also discover new possibilities.

A designer can also be a producer! Lotte de Raadt, for example, who makes her own ceramics. Or Ontwerpduo, who produce their Lloop lamps in their workshop in Eindhoven.

The Vij5 studio and warehouse are ultimately the collection point for all parts. Some items are further finished or assembled into a final product. In all cases, the products are personally checked and packaged to ensure good quality.

To share

As publishers, it is important for Arjan and Anieke that Vij5's products are visible. They therefore spend a lot of time and attention on distributing the collection. They know how much work is involved in a product and what has gone into it: after all, they have been involved to a very large extent. Like Arjan and Anieke put it: “We personally take care of the distribution, marketing and sales of the Vij5 collection and are happy to tell our story with enthusiasm. We do this, among other things, by presenting Vij5 at various design events, online, via social media and via a number of ambassadors.”